Lay Leadership

Providence is a covenant community of committed Christians seeking to live out their faith in meaningful ways in the Charleston area and beyond. Our approach to church leadership is intentionally member-oriented.

Believing that "each member is a minister" we maintain laity-led teams. In addition we have a Ministry Coordination Council which along with staff  sets and implements church priorities and policies.

Ministry Coordination Council

All areas of ministry are represented on the Ministry  Coordination Council, which is comprised of Ministry Group Coordinators and  presided over by an elected moderator. Each team/group is responsible for budgeting and planning their ministry through frequent work sessions. Accountable to the Coordination Council and church body at large, each team reports monthly to both parties during scheduled business meetings where input and support is generated for special church-wide issues or ministry opportunities. 

Ministry Coordination Council
— Moderator: Darrell Bare
— Moderator-Elect: Rene Sisson
— Clerk: Jennifer Whipple-Morgan
— Treasurer: Cyndy Keyes
— Worship: Scott McBroom
— Spiritual Development & Activities: Jeslyn Wilson
— Christian Action: Susan Christie
— Operations:
— Congregational Care: Linda Manning

Standing Committees
— Personnel: Leah Schonfeld
— Preschool: Michelle Hiott
— Communications: Richard Gee
— Nominating: Nancy McWhorter

Christian Action Ministry
— Mission Engagement: Mary Ida Timms
— Hospitality: Margaret Hyatt
— Current Issues: Robin Permenter
— Denominational Relations: Deanna McBroom

Congregational Care
— Care Groups: Linda Manning
— Membership: Tom Sisson

Operations Ministry
— Technology: Matt Largent
— Facilities: Glenn Keyes
— Finance: Leigh Burke

Spiritual Development & Activities
— Adults: Dawn Bare
— Youth: Walter Hiott
— Children: Margaret Gee
— Fellowship: Pam Carroll

Worship Ministry
— Worship: Stacey Painter