Get Involved

Ministry and Service are important at Providence. Everything we do is done with a servant's heart in an attempt to further build God's kingdom. It is our hope that every member of Providence feels the call by God to some form of service or ministry-teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, reading scripture in worship, or even taking out the trash and cleaning up after Wednesday night suppers. 

Getting involved at Providence is important for the life and ministry of the church. Without people, this place would be an empty shell. The time and energy from our members make this place something special and allows all of us to be God's ambassadors in the world. We desire to help each person recognize his or her gifts in an attempt to help them find where they can best serve God. God needs people working behind the scenes and across the globe. God has a place of service for everyone. Taking the step to get involved is important as we all seek to serve God. 

Getting involved at Providence is not difficult. Take some time to explore all the ways you can be involved in the life of Providence by clicking here.  If you have an area of interest that is not listed, more than likely someone else has that desire, too. All it takes is sharing your desire with one of the ministers who can help you get busy. They can help connect you to others or point you in the direction suited for your gifts. 

Providence is a place where we participate in every aspect of church life.  It is our hope that you will find your place of ministry and service here.