We rely heavily on lay leadership to carry out the work of the church and have a ministry group for every aspect of congregational life. Ministry groups and committees are a critical piece of the church's functioning and allow members and attendees to use their gifts and talents while ensuring efficient operation of the church's ministry. 

The Ministry Coordination Council

The MCC serves as the primary administrative body of the church. 

The council consists of the Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Coordinator for each of the Ministries. 

The church staff serves as ex-officio members of the MCC.



The Operations Ministry strives to develop and maintain systematic, sustainable procedures to support church operations, specifically in the areas of Technology, Facilities, and Finance.

Facilities Group: The Facilities Group serves to recommend sustainable standard operating procedures for facility maintenance and cleaning, improvements, usage by outside groups, energy management, and security. As needed, they provide guidance to the ministers in approving special needs for building use and collaborate with staff to set building use policy.

Finance Group: The Finance Group, working closely with the Church Office Manager/ Bookkeeper, serves to manage and communicate church finances and financial goals to church members in a transparent and timely manner. This group develops and facilitates the annual budget and stewardship campaign, and includes the Treasurer as an ex-officio member.

Technology Group: The Technology Group serves to determine the ongoing technological needs of the church. This group maintains the website and strives to provide digital access to meeting notes and other church information. Use of social media, digital learning resources, video production, and sound systems is also vetted through this group.


The Worship Ministry strives to assist the church staff in creating meaningful worship experiences throughout the year.

Worship Group: Worship Group Members recruit church members to serve as worship leaders during worship, plan and participate in unique community worship events, provide an educational program about worship to young children, maintain children’s worship bags, recruit and train acolytes, participate in Worship Group meetings to discuss worship ministry opportunities and to develop annual Worship Group goals and objectives.

Music Group: The Music Group plans and carries out the music ministry of the church, under the supervision of the Minister of Music. The group is led by the Minister of Music and includes the Organist and all the volunteer music leaders within the church: Director of Bells of Providence, Director and Assistant of the Children’s Choir, Director and Assistant of the Preschool Choir, and a representative of the Providence Band.

Christian Action

The Christian Action Ministry strives to welcome and support visitors and new members, to meet the needs of those outside the walls of the church through missions endeavors, and to inform and guide members to minister to acknowledged needs, concerns, denominational issues, and current issues throughout the world and in our community, as we actively live out our faith.

Hospitality Group: The Hospitality Group provides opportunities for individuals to participate in lifestyle evangelism. They have the responsibility to train and provide greeters to welcome guests and members at worship services. They initiate and develop connections with guests and encourage their involvement with the ministries of the church.

Missions Engagement Group: The Missions Engagement Group plans and leads different mission projects and events throughout the year. They also serve to educate, inform, and motivate the congregation about mission endeavors.

Denominational Relations Group: The Denominational Relations Group’s role is to engage/promote relationships with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (State and Global) and other religious groups. In addition, they initiate and promote interfaith ministry.

Current Issues Group: The Current Issues Group serves as a forum for Providence members to discuss current issues (local, social, political, etc.) in an open and mutually supportive atmosphere as they relate to our faith.

Spiritual Development and Activities

The Spiritual Development and Activities Ministry strives to develop and implement a variety of opportunities that meet the needs of different age groups and interests.

Adult Education Group: The Adult Education Group serves to provide a variety of spiritual development opportunities for adult spiritual development and activities.

Youth Education Group: The Youth Education Group serves to provide a variety of spiritual development opportunities for middle school and high school aged children:

Children’s Education Group: The Children’s Education Group serves to provide a variety of spiritual development opportunities for pre-schoolers and elementary school aged children.

Fellowship Group: The Fellowship Group serves to provide relationship-building, family, and fun- centered activities. These activities intentionally include intergenerational and age-related activities, plus recreation opportunities within the church and within the community.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Ministry strives to meet the needs of church members. 

Care Groups: Care Groups are formed geographically and serve the purpose of meeting the needs of Providence Baptist Church members. The Care Groups address, but are not limited to, the following needs: Bereavement, Family Care, Helping in times of medical issues and concerns (ex. surgery, illness, etc.), New Baby Care.

Membership Group: The Membership Group welcomes new members and assists them as they assimilate and become involved in the church’s ministries. In addition, they sustain current member connections, providing leadership training and identification of participants’ gifts and callings, and encouraging active participation in the life of the church.

Standing Committees

Personnel Committee: The Personnel Committee serves as liaison between the congregation and the staff, ensuring that the needs of both are met. 

Preschool Committee: The Preschool Committee supervises the Providence Preschool ministry. 

Public Relations Committee: The Public Relations Committee strives to spread the word in our community and beyond about what is happening at Providence Baptist Church and who we are. This includes preparing advertising, writing press releases, articles, announcements, posts, and blogs, using local media outlets such as newspapers, television, and various publications.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee is responsible for inviting suggestions for Officer vacancies, Ministry Coordinators, and Group Leaders and presenting a slate of nominees to the Ministry Coordinating Council each year.