Considering Our Name

As announced Sunday, February 3, our Communications Team recently presented a resolution to Ministry Coordination Council (MCC) which they’ve endorsed and, in turn, are bringing to the church regarding our name.

Resolution as presented to MCC

“After conducting months of research followed by four congregation-wide identity conversations, the Communications Team proposes the church alter its name from Providence Baptist Church to Providence Church. 

“The primary question we’ve sought to answer is: ‘How do we best and most effectively communicate who we are as a people of faith?’

“Given the numerous reasons cited during these recent discussions, we believe it’s critical to remove barriers that might prevent someone from visiting our website, joining us for worship or partnering with us in a missions project. And, while we operate as Baptists, we acknowledge and celebrate a rich and unique diversity of faith traditions among our membership. Thus, we believe Providence Church comes closer to welcoming such diversity and offers a more accurate reflection of who we are called to be. The alteration will in no way affect our relationship with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and our website will clearly affirm our longstanding affiliation with CBF along with historic Baptist principles and governance.

“While not a comprehensive answer to how we best tell our story, it is an intentional step towards making room at the table for any and all seeking a church home. Alongside the proposed name alteration, will come new and more visible signage, an engaging new website, and updated print materials all signaling to the community a welcoming, exciting new chapter for the people of Providence.”


Sample application

If the alteration is approved by the congregation, one of the first and most prominent applications will be new signage. Rather than simply refacing, plans are to relocate our sign to the grassy area between the sanctuary and education buildings allowing for greater visibility.

Logo refresh

You’ll notice that in addition to the new composition and language is an updated logo. No doubt, our current logo has served us well for 20+ years but is due a refresh in concert with the proposed name alteration. The existing two-tone color palette and oversized, textured icon gives way to a simpler, cleaner and more compact design. Inspired by and based on our current icon wherein we’ve maintained the Christ-figure and subtly integrated a “P” (for Providence in the lower right quadrant), this refresh is formatted for and better suited to many of today’s digital applications.

Next steps

Immediately following worship Sunday, March 10, 2019, the Communications Team will present several additional proposed applications and address questions after which, in accordance with our Constitution, a congregational vote via paper ballot will be held. Our bylaws permit absentee ballots for this vote but must be completed and submitted to the office by March 10, 2019 at 11:30am. If you need an absentee ballot, please contact the church office.

Darrell Bare, Moderator, Ministry Coordination Council
Richard Gee, Chair, Communications Team