One80 Place Missions Project


During the month of September, we are gathering supplies for One80 Place, a mission in downtown Charleston which provides housing and support services for the homeless. We welcome your donations gathered Sunday 9/22 and Sunday 9/29.

Items needed:
– New towels and washcloths (white)
– New twin XL bed sheets and standard pillowcases (white)
– New standard pillows
– New blankets (white)
– Basic set of pots and pans
– Set of dishes
– Set of silverware
– Serving utensils
– Can opener
– Measuring cups
– Mixing bowls
– Dish cloths, pot holders
– Peeler
– Chicken or beef stock/broth
– Pasta
– Rice (brown or white)
– Salad dressings
– Salt & pepper
– Lunch snacks (for Veterans and children)
– Peanut butter
– Jelly
– Cereal
– Oatmeal
– Coffee

Introducing Rev. Daniel Freemyer


Upon a lengthy interim period and thorough, national search, Providence Church announces Rev. Daniel L. Freemyer to serve as senior pastor.

According to Susan King, chair of the Pastor Search Committee, “Dan’s gifts for leadership and ministry, as well as his integrity, intellect, and humility, impressed us all. His twenty years of pastoral staff experience, and several years of managing non-profits, have given him a unique perspective and skill set. Dan has a pastoral heart, and believes his ministry to a congregation should grow out of the relationships he develops with them as individuals and families, because ‘the God of the Bible is a communal God.’”

Rev. Freemyer and wife Diane Bulloch Freemyer met the congregation in mid-June when he was invited to visit and lead in worship. Upon his congregational confirmation, Dan said “Diane and I are absolutely thrilled to accept this call and the opportunity to serve alongside you and your amazing staff.”

Dan comes to us from Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, where he has served since 2001, first as Director of Community Ministries and more recently as Pastor of Missional Engagement. This staff position has given him experience in leading mission trips and community ministries, supervising staff and volunteers, preaching and worship planning, pastoral care, crisis counseling, and partnering with other organizations to help the local community. Dan has also served as Interim CEO and Executive Director of the Tarrant County (TX) Homeless Coalition; Minister of Christian Social Ministries at Walnut Street Baptist Church (Louisville, KY); Housing Manager of Christian Church Homes of Kentucky; and Director of Programs at Cain Center for the Disabled (Louisville, KY). 

Currently a Doctor of Ministry candidate at Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University, Dan received his Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work degrees at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also has a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University. 


In his spare time, Dan is an avid runner, even completing the Boston Marathon last year. He also enjoys watching baseball, reading, and spending time with his family. Dan and Diane have two children, Zane, who recently graduated from Baylor University, and Elizabeth, a rising junior at Baylor. Additionally, the Freemyers have two dogs, Maggie and Sly.  

Rev. Freemyer’s pastorate at Providence begins Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Celebrating CBF Chaplaincy

CBF field personnel and longtime friend of Providence, Tina Bailey has been commissioned as a CBF-endorsed chaplain at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s 2019 General Assembly in Birmingham, AL.

Men from the Kerobokan Prison, where Tina Bailey teaches and mentors, were allowed to join her for an art exhibition at a local art festival. Two of the three men are now free, and the third will be released in July.

Men from the Kerobokan Prison, where Tina Bailey teaches and mentors, were allowed to join her for an art exhibition at a local art festival. Two of the three men are now free, and the third will be released in July.

Bailey serves alongside her husband, Jonathan, in Bali, Indonesia, through an arts community (Narwatsu) that welcomes people from around the world. “People are not always aware of how integrated the arts are in our everyday lives,” Bailey said. “They help govern just about everything we do.”

The Narwastu Community is made up of Balinese people, international students and others who have found their way to Bali to work and learn. It is a community focused on interfaith work which welcomes people of all backgrounds. “No matter what someone’s background, whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or non-religious—we are there to help, regardless of whether their belief system is the same as ours or not,” Bailey affirmed.

“While the hub is our traditional music groups, we also have a dance and exploration group that focuses on self-discovery and imagination,” Bailey said. “We often have students in our home to whom we offer mentoring, care and hospitality.”

In May, the music group “Narwastu” performed at an annual celebration at a major temple that was a center for conflict resolution 900 years ago. The space is well-known in Bali. The group included at least four religious backgrounds and 10 nationalities, and the performance was both music and dance of traditional Balinese pieces.

In addition to her work with the arts community, Bailey personally volunteers in two prisons, one for women, the other for men. “I mentor by teaching an art program,” Bailey said. “I make it very clear that, while I am there as an artist, I am also an ordained minister. If spiritual care is needed, this is who I am. Anything I can offer is available for other people.”

By gaining endorsement as a chaplain, Bailey will be able to further her work in the prisons and beyond. “It is another solid credential that, while it is non-threatening, is very real and much needed in the prison system,” she said.

She maintains that her role as a chaplain allows her to care for people, no matter their position in life. For Bailey, chaplaincy and field work are a combination that makes sense.

Providence serves as an Encourager Church to the Bailey’s.

To learn more, see the full article here.

Pastoral Candidate Announcement

PCX icon-2019-purple.png

By Darrell Bare
Moderator, Ministry Coordination Council

I celebrate with you the unfolding of God's grace as a potential pastor will be presented to us on June 16. The process up to this point, and as the process continues, is and will be a matter of discernment of God's will. This discernment and God's leading have been evident in the process from the start, beginning with discerning who the members of our Pastor Search Committee would be and who would lead them. We are so grateful that Susan King (chair), Carmine Battista, Scott Christie, Beth Crawford, Lynne Flood, Kirk Hedden, and Stacy Sergent Lawton responded to God's call and accepted this heavy responsibility. Thank you so much! Our calling them was not simply a matter of trusting their collective judgment but their individual and collective spiritual discernment as well.

They have responded beautifully to their responsibility. Most of us will never know the countless hours and expended energy this committee has invested in our church and continues to invest. In their discernment, they have determined the person they believe should serve us as our next pastor. We will meet him the weekend of June 14-16. More details about that weekend will be coming from the committee as soon as they've ironed them out.

The calling of a pastor is a unique time in a church's life. I know you have been anxious about the arrival of this moment, and perhaps are even more anxious as the moment of call approaches. But God has certainly done well for us in this journey so far. Even now there are a lot of people with needs that are to be considered, including our candidate. The committee is honoring the role and relationship our candidate has with his current church and is protecting his confidentiality until we come together on that weekend. As a former pastor, I appreciate this sensitivity and trust you will too. You will indeed get the opportunity to meet him, know him and hear him, and I trust that you will be here to do just that.

As you cast your vote on June 16, please remember that we are not seeking your opinion; we are seeking your discernment of God's will for Providence. Such a discernment is a matter of connection, connection with God, with the search committee, with our fellow church members and with our prospective new pastor. Your vote will be your prayer.

In most votes such as this, the tally is a matter of those present. Our by-laws do not preclude absentee ballots for such a vote, therefore absentee ballots will be provided if requested but must be received before the vote is taken on June 16. However, without knowledge of the candidate and experiencing the candidate in person, it would be extremely difficult to exercise proper discernment in this matter.

I ask you to do all within your power to be present to meet the candidate, hear him, prayerfully listen for God's leading and cast your vote in person. If you are unable to be present, please pray earnestly for God to lead those who will be casting votes on the 16th. As God would hear you, your prayer will be your vote.

God has blessed us in these days of transition. God is not about to stop now.

Rise Against Hunger 2019


Ever wondered how a couple hours of service could positively impact thousands of lives here and around the globe? Again this year, Providence is partnering with Rise Against Hunger, a NC-based non-profit whose bold mission it is to completely eliminate hunger by 2030.

Join us to make a difference as we gather in the sanctuary on Saturday, June 15 to pack 10,000+ nutrient-rich dry meals for distribution to needy individuals. This all-ages mission project is open to the community … and is a perfect opportunity to invite friends and neighbors help us reach our goal and learn a bit about Providence.

If you can’t make it to the event, you can still contribute! In addition to our labor, we’re looking to underwrite the cost of the food and shipping by raising $4,000.

Great music, great effort, great people to share the morning with … make plans now to join us for this high-energy good time for a great cause!

What: Rise Against Hunger
Where: Providence Church Sanctuary
When: Saturday, June 15, 2019 • 9:30–11:30am
Who: We need 60+ volunteers; all ages (children must be accompanied by a parent)
How: Register by
clicking here
Click here or note ‘Rise Against Hunger‘ on your check made to Providence

Play, Learn & Serve 2019


Play, Learn & Serve is Vacation Bible School reimagined! Our theme this year, Love In A Big World, helps kids develop positive character traits, such as kindness, courage and cooperation, in order to empower them in everyday life. Using relevant and diverse stories, Scripture, and life lessons, we will encourage kids to love God, love people, and change the world.

With 50 registered, please be in prayer for a wonderful and meaningful experience for our students, teachers and leaders.

Questions? Contact Minister to Children & Families Brandy Mullins.

JUNE 17–19, 2019 | 1–4PM

Considering Our Name

As announced Sunday, February 3, our Communications Team recently presented a resolution to Ministry Coordination Council (MCC) which they’ve endorsed and, in turn, are bringing to the church regarding our name.

Resolution as presented to MCC

“After conducting months of research followed by four congregation-wide identity conversations, the Communications Team proposes the church alter its name from Providence Baptist Church to Providence Church. 

“The primary question we’ve sought to answer is: ‘How do we best and most effectively communicate who we are as a people of faith?’

“Given the numerous reasons cited during these recent discussions, we believe it’s critical to remove barriers that might prevent someone from visiting our website, joining us for worship or partnering with us in a missions project. And, while we operate as Baptists, we acknowledge and celebrate a rich and unique diversity of faith traditions among our membership. Thus, we believe Providence Church comes closer to welcoming such diversity and offers a more accurate reflection of who we are called to be. The alteration will in no way affect our relationship with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and our website will clearly affirm our longstanding affiliation with CBF along with historic Baptist principles and governance.

“While not a comprehensive answer to how we best tell our story, it is an intentional step towards making room at the table for any and all seeking a church home. Alongside the proposed name alteration, will come new and more visible signage, an engaging new website, and updated print materials all signaling to the community a welcoming, exciting new chapter for the people of Providence.”


Sample application

If the alteration is approved by the congregation, one of the first and most prominent applications will be new signage. Rather than simply refacing, plans are to relocate our sign to the grassy area between the sanctuary and education buildings allowing for greater visibility.

Logo refresh

You’ll notice that in addition to the new composition and language is an updated logo. No doubt, our current logo has served us well for 20+ years but is due a refresh in concert with the proposed name alteration. The existing two-tone color palette and oversized, textured icon gives way to a simpler, cleaner and more compact design. Inspired by and based on our current icon wherein we’ve maintained the Christ-figure and subtly integrated a “P” (for Providence in the lower right quadrant), this refresh is formatted for and better suited to many of today’s digital applications.

Next steps

Immediately following worship Sunday, March 10, 2019, the Communications Team will present several additional proposed applications and address questions after which, in accordance with our Constitution, a congregational vote via paper ballot will be held. Our bylaws permit absentee ballots for this vote but must be completed and submitted to the office by March 10, 2019 at 11:30am. If you need an absentee ballot, please contact the church office.

Darrell Bare, Moderator, Ministry Coordination Council
Richard Gee, Chair, Communications Team

The Anita Flowers Book Club


The Anita Flowers Book Club invites everyone to attend, whether you are a church member or just an eager reader. Unless otherwise announced, meetings are held the fourth Tuesday night of each month at 7:00pm in the church’s Conference Room. Here are the dates and upcoming book selections for the next few months:

– September 24: “The Ragged Edge of Night” by Olivia Hawker
– October 22: “The Story of Arthur Truluv: A Novel” and “Night of Miracles” by Elizabeth Berg

Books we’ve read and discussed recently include:

– “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” by Patti Callahan
– “Red Notice” by Bill Browder
– “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens
– “Educated” by Tara Westover
– "The One-in-a-Million Boy" by Monica Wood
– “Mademoiselle Chanel” by C.W. Gortner
– “The Chilbury Ladies Choir” by Jennifer Ryan